**Dyspareunia–pain with intercourse

**G-Spot–an supposed area about 2 to 3 inches on the anterior vaginal wall.

Dr. Grafenburg (the German gynecologist for whom the spot is named) never intened for the vaginal wall to be named the “G-spot” but instead talked about the urethra it’s self being erotic. Some have tried to equate the Skene’s glands with the G-spot, but this has been refuted–here’s a quote from a review of the medical research (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Volume 185, Issue 2 (August 2001))

“Two conclusions emerge from this review. First, the widespread acceptance of the reality of the G-spot goes well beyond the available evidence. It is astonishing that examinations of only 12 women, of whom only 5 “had” G-spots, form the basis for the claim that this anatomic structure exists. Second, on the basis of the existing anatomic studies reviewed above, it seems unlikely that a richly innervated patch of tissue would have gone unnoticed for all these years. Until a thorough and careful histologic investigation of the relevant tissue is undertaken, the G-spot will remain a sort of gynecologic UFO: much searched for, much discussed, but unverified by objective means.”

**Hormones–chemical messengers made in one part of the body and sent to another part of the body to tell it what to do.

**O-Spot–the area that includes the periurethral glands the upper wall of the vagina, the proximal urethra, and the internal parts of the clitoris. This is not a discrete structure but rather an area including several structures that when understood properly as a “system” can result in much improved sexual response for women.

**O-Shot (R) Procedure–a particular METHOD of using PRFM to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue (including the clitoris).

**PRFM–Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix

**PRP–Platelet Rich Plasma: Made with a cetrifuge, spinning blood so that heavy cells (RBC’s and WBC’s) go to the bottom and platelets left suspended in the plasma above.

Here’s a video of preparing PRP from a patient’s blood.

**Skene’s Glands–thought to be similar to the male prostate–these glands are probably what’s filled with fluid when a women feels very erotic and also where the fluid originates when a woman ejaculates

**Stem Cells–cells that start simple but then grow into something. Think of them like seeds that grow into something else.

****Omnipotent stem cells–can grow into any body tissue (brain, skin, muscle, or a whole new person).

****Unipotent Stem Cells–only able to grow one type of tissue or organ–like skin or muscle or brain. These unipotent stem cells are there in most tissues waiting to regrow what’s nearby if there’s an injury.